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Stroke Protocol for Dogs

My sweet dog, Bernie, scared me half to death when he had a stroke on 12/7/05. I was eating my dinner when I heard a shuffle and thud. I knew before looking – my inner voice said, “Bernie’s had a stroke”. I ran to him and could see he could move his head and neck okay but not any of his legs. His big, brown eyes pleaded, “Help me”.

I called my vet, Dr Tony, and their office had just shut down for the day so I got the answering service. While I was waiting for a call back, I started stroking Bernie’s ears, the Tellington Touch work I know so well to help reduce shock. I next placed a call to my friend, Joan, and left a message. I wanted her to bring over her ROSHI machine. The ROSHI does neuro-feedback through flashing eye goggles. Joan had left the machine with me for a couple months and only picked it back up about a week before Bernie’s stroke. I had used it on many of my physical therapy clients with good results on many conditions. I knew it had to help balance whatever was off in his brain.

Bonnie and Bernie

I called my other good friend, Rose, and got her answering machine. I figured if I had to take Bernie to the vets, I would need help – someone to hold him and someone to drive.

I cried and did Tellington Touches on Bernie. I put a body wrap on him so that when he did try to move, he would have more support in his hips. The wrap also helps connect the whole body and provides comfort (like a whole body hug). At one point, Bernie tried to stand up and I thought maybe his front legs were okay but they were not. He didn’t make it even with me supporting under his chest and belly.

After about 20 minutes, Joan came by and we put the ROSHI on for Bernie. We place the goggles so that the lights will flash near his eyes and head area. We put a 2nd set of Magstim goggles on the back of his neck. These work to balance the pineal gland. By placing the goggles near his head, he can turn away if it’s too much. This night he kept his eyes pointed at the goggles.

By then, I’d spoken both with Dr Tony and Dr Bob, Bernie’s vets. As long as Bernie was alert, able to eat and breathing all right, there is nothing they can do. Unlike people, they did say most dogs will gradually resolve the immobility if the vital functions are in order. They advised me to see how he was by the next morning and that I could bring him in if I needed to then, especially if vital functions had changed or declined.

Rose had arrived shortly after Joan and suggested I give Bernie some Rescue Remedy (Bach flower essence) and Calms Forte (homeopathy that is calming) and to take some myself – good advice. She also suggested I use my EM (Electro Magnetic) Pulse device at the base of Bernie’s skull.

After about 45”, Bernie was able to get up on his feet and stumble backwards about 6 more feet before he collapsed. He did not like it if I left his side and would stretch his neck and look in my direction if I did even for a moment.

By 90”, Bernie could walk wobbly around the house. He was able to go outside to the bathroom and eat. The first thing he did when he could move about was to check Fluffcat’s dish for scraps. The vets said to let Bernie call the shots as far as how much activity he did. For 2 days, we just took short walks around the block. By the third day, his eyes looked more normal to me and he was up early, perky and ready for our usual 45” run/walk.

Bernie had 2 more “mini-strokes” after 12/7, on January 10 and January 22, 2006. They were both less severe than the first one with quicker recovery time. At both times, all four legs were affected but he was able to get up on his feet and walk much more quickly, less than an hour.

After the 12/7, stroke, we used the ROSHI at night flashing on the ceiling of my bedroom for a week. I returned the unit to Joan to use on someone else in need (this was her loaner unit) but continued using the EM Pulse on Bernie. After the 1/10 stroke, I purchased my own P-ROSHI. The P-ROSHI is what I’d been using for Bernie and it is a smaller, treatment only unit. (A larger ROSHI unit is computerized, involves electrodes and can do printouts of all the brain-wave patterns.)

Bernie did go to see Dr Bob on 1/11/06 for a checkup and rabies shot. He got the “picture of health” comment from the vet.

It was so hard for me to believe that my 8-year-old medium sized dog that was really healthy could be having strokes. I didn’t expect any health problems for 5-6 more years.
Bernie gets homemade food, plenty of exercise and is very pampered and happy.

I asked my Divine Guides why this was happening and the response I got was so Bernie and I could develop a protocol for other dogs that are having strokes. When Bernie did see Dr Bob, he said that whatever I have been doing is way better than anything they can offer and that Bernie was having a much more rapid recovery time than what they are used to.

Besides the EM Pulse, ROSHI and Tellington Touches, the other ways I have treated Bernie’s strokes are:

  • Custom homeopathies made by Helena Bresk of Pegasus Unlimited
  • Vitalzym X, a systemic enzyme from World Nutrition
  • Enzo:Professional – Enzogenol, an antioxidant

Bernie weighs 55 pounds. The homeopathy is updated every 4-6 weeks. Bernie gets 2-4 Vitalzym’s and 1-2 Enzo’s a day (initially more and now less). The Vitalzym’s also helped resolve Bernie’s allergies in 2004 (after great results for my own, I tried them on Bernie with the same success).
5-6 times a week, I wait until Bernie’s in bed for the night and then I flash the ROSHI goggles on the ceiling of the bedroom for 30-40 minutes. There are different colored light goggles that come with the P-ROSHI unit. I use the red/blue lights for Bernie turned up almost full when they are flashing at the ceiling.
I stopped using the EM Pulse after January, except for a sore shoulder occasionally. If Bernie plays too hard his right front shoulder is sore for a day or two, a problem he’s had since his younger years.

One of the causes that Helena got when she did Bernie’s initial homeopathy assessment was concussion. I did recall Bernie hitting his head on the windshield of my car in the fall and this could have caused it. Bernie now wears a seatbelt harness and can no longer jump from back to front seat at will…

Joan Fabian had done a previous study using the ROSHI to treat an Old English Sheepdog, Chad, which had severe impairments from a major stroke. Chad was paralyzed on his left side and incontinent of bowel and bladder when Joan first saw him several weeks after onset. The vets had recommended that Chad’s owner get a cart for him or put him down, as they did not feel he’d improve. Chad had good results after even his first ROSHI treatment, with improved bladder control and able to wag his tail and walk a bit better.

I will try to keep the site updated with Bernie’s treatment protocols and successes. The plan is to eventually submit our protocol to canine and veterinary publications so that other dogs can be helped.

For more information on any of the treatment protocols, please contact Bonnie at Health Harmony Vistas via email or 360-385-5111.

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