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Fundraising for Sri Lanka

Health Harmony Assistance in conjunction with Althea Gray, ambassador for Sri Lanka, in December 2010 allocated donated funds as follows:

Dr. Lani Gunawardena has been working with a School for the Deaf and Blind in Sri Lanka for many years. She is a professor at the University of New Mexico and her deceased father was the Principal of the Ratmalana School for the Deaf and the Blind in Sri Lanka. There are very few schools for children with special needs in Sri Lanka.

$1000 has been donated to the Ratmalana School for the Deaf and the Blind.
In addition, Althea made a request that New Mexico's School for the Deaf and Blind work in conjunction with the Sri Lanka school.

$500 to Dr. Aswini Fernando, Chief of a small Pediatric Hospital outside of Colombo, Sri Lanka. She works with many children affected by the war.

$500 to Dr. Chandanie Hewage, Chief of Psychiatry at Gall Hospital Sri Lanka, helping children who have special psychiatric needs.

The mission for the past 5 years has always been to help the children of Sri Lanka and this is how we have been able to do that.

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