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Intuitive Transitional Readings
Bonnie utilizes automatic writing, through the help of Divine Guides, to provide support to those involved in major life transitions.
When grief from the loss of a loved one – pet, family or friend – does not seem to wane, communication is often helpful to ease the emotional stress.

Bonnie tunes in to the higher levels of spirit and receives clear information for those left behind. As a connector, Bonnie helps the one in transition find their spirit level, form and Divine location. When the last days may be painful, tragic or confusing, this work helps release physical ties to earth. The Divine Guides of all involved provide great comfort and a much more peaceful transition.

When those we love are taken unexpectedly, we are left with great hurt and confusion. There is a Divine Plan for us all. By connecting with higher spirit regarding these situations, clarity comes with information and knowledge and is a step toward easing loss and pain.

These sessions begin with a request for intervention concerning a person or an animal. Bonnie will sit in her own time and allow the automatic writing to bring the information through. The text is sent once payment is received and includes a discussion after you have had time to read and process the communication.

Glorious EP

read Bonnie's Tribute to EP

Fee is $75 including consult/question and answer session of 30 minutes.

I have been doing intuitive readings for many years to assist family and friends. Recent unexpected requests have encouraged me into taking the next step on my spiritual path, making this healing work available to all.

12/29/05    Tribute to EP

It has been another challenging day with grief about EP welling up from time to time. I spoke with Laura this evening and she felt he was trapped and unable to ascend into his spirit level and form. He is not inhabiting his cat body here anymore but is still trying to find his way back here to me and this home. Laura suggested I meditate and see if I can help him. This all felt right to me but a test for sure to do it for my own beloved animal child.

I immediately felt him in his cat form as if he was lying on my chest with the words, "heart to heart". This is how he often laid with me in the evening or how I carried him (as if he was hugging me). I kept seeing how he walked with the sun shining on his fur, how he was often waiting for me to return home, sitting in the driveway. He watched me leave and waited for my return.

It looked like he was stuck in the horizontal portal, trying to walk here. I asked him to show me what was around him and all he could tell was that there was darkness as he tried to walk home and light above him. He did not want me to see much of his cat body and how it looked or how it was at the very end. It is not what he was connecting into; he still was connecting into the lovely, big furry black imperturbable form that I know so well. It wasn’t easy to direct him to the vertical portal or his spirit form. The heart connection between us was so strong and difficult to release in order to evolve into the spirit lines instead.

I had to pull in a heart connection, through floods of tears, with all of my healing circle and every loving friend I could think of in order to make this disconnection, even with already having all my main Divine Guides (A. Michael, Christ, Merlin, Sanat Kumara and the Hathors) with us. I saw all of us connecting into the flying circle (like the join-up with skydivers) and pulling EP into that circle. I really tapped into Laura, being she helped direct me and was able to give me enough insight and strength to take this meditation on. Love is definitely the key with these portals and transitions.

It wasn’t until I was in my indigo light form riding my white spirit horse that EP was ready and able to fly into his spirit form. We went through levels where he showed me his black jaguar form and eventually bits of color that will eventually complete his fully ascended spirit level and form. Magenta was one of those colors.

I flew with him to the Central Sun to bask in the light and recharge and reconnect with all the Divine. It was at that point that we could look back and recognize the life that he had just left. He became clearer and did a review with me.

EP said he had agreed to only come in for a half-life time here in order to have the wonderful connections, adventures and experiences he had. EP was 10-years-old in October. Even with that knowledge, he said we never know the exact moment when we are to be taken back to spirit. The surprise of it for him plus his connection to me was what had him stuck. He did tell me had evaded an exit several times prior to this one and that he forgave the coyote that took his life here. It was his time to leave. He said I will have answers in the future and he will give me the answers in my heart. He said I will see and sense him in those early morning night skies when I’m walking Bernie.

We reviewed:

  • how he was a conduit for me in his first years with me to do the planet healing work
  • how he was part of our weekly meditation group from the very beginning
  • how he helped me train the Tellington Touch client dogs to be kind to cats
  • how much he loved that I always talked to him and knew that he understood
  • how much he loved this home
  • how much he loved that I set up a special room for him to eat in peace and let him stay in there if he wanted to rest and look out the windows on his blue towel
  • how much love we had
  • how he helped Chad live through Alaska
  • how Chad helped me be strong enough emotionally to have Bernie and EP, that it is worth having animals even if I have to deal with injuries and death
  • how he treasured all his adventures from Alaska, to Brinnon mountain top, hunting and free to be inside or out and most of all he made it to this home
  • how he slept his last night here nestled next to my side, heart to heart (he only occasionally chose to sleep on the bed)

He said in spirit form, he can make even better connections to help me here and spread the light energy further and further. He said Fluffcat and Bernie come from different origins than he does and that they each have very powerful connections.

He does have some concern for Bernie’s head pain that Laura picked up today (above right eye). He said the only reason he and Fluff disagreed at times was that they both wanted to show and affirm who loved me the most, along with Bernie. He said he feels he has left me in good hands with Fluff and Bernie, with their devotion and love.

He told me that he will be there in spirit form to help receive the others that are leaving earth lives now and in the future. We will work together still.

It was not easy to get him into the vertical portal. I can't tell you how hard I connected in to all of you especially as it was the love that gave me the strength to help EP. In case you all felt a heart blast around 8pm last night, that was me. So, thanks to you all for being part of this circle!

Bonnie, Fluffcat and Bernie
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