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Health Harmony Assistance: Announcing a call for new Board Members
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Health Harmony Assistance
Providing Health Assistance
Physical ~ Mental ~ Emotional ~ Spiritual
Through counseling, physical assistance & emotional support.
Volume III – Fall 2002

Have you considered a non-profit educational and healing retreat center addressing the needs of adults, youth and animals in a holistic fashion, using traditional and alternative means?

Health Harmony Assistance has been building this project for two years with a dedicated staff of teachers, healers, counselors and therapists.

Eagle’s Loft Retreat class sampling:

  • Environment, ecology, alternative energy, organic gardening (including harvest, preparation and preservation of produce), flora/fauna identification
  • Arts - watercolors, music therapy, drumming, dance, beadwork, acting
  • Alternative and conventional healing modalities – massage, homeopathy, first aid, hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques
  • Guided imagery, meditation, writing, storytelling
  • Nature hikes, kayaking, clamming, oystering, fishing
  • Astronomy, astrology
  • Tellington Touch (the gentle way to address physical and behavioral issues), no-kill shelters and foster services for needy animal friends
  • Respite for professionals or any workers needing space and quiet time with an option of attending programs or just spending time in nature and self-reflection

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Programs are presented over one to two weeklong retreats and serving disadvantaged youth, adults and animals. We are seeking just the right property, in the northern Olympic Peninsula area (Washington), and welcome ideas or land contributions as we continue to raise the funds for Eagle’s Loft Retreat. Collaboration with local non-profit organizations is planned including disabled and other supportive youth groups. We are looking for volunteers with a passion for helping disadvantaged youth, adults and animals that are skilled in grant writing, fundraising, marketing and further program development especially right now. (Are there any retirees out there that still have some passion and skill to share?)

Meanwhile Health Harmony offers local Port Townsend (Washington) day programs. All programs are donation invited; we hope to have those that can pay help to sponsor those that lack funding.

"Process Art Group" weekend painting group. Explore inner awareness and increase enjoyment of your creativity through an exciting process utilizing tempera paint and other very basic art materials. Facilitated by Ingrid Davis, a licensed counselor and registered art therapist. Call 360-385-0403 to find out more.

"All It Takes" classes are offered the first and third Tues each month 6-8:00 PM. Classes are open to ages 10-19 and include varied topics connecting with spirit, nature and animals to better balance energy, moods and emotions as well as enhancing intuition. Special dates will be scheduled during winter and spring breaks from student school schedules.

Wednesday evening (7-9:00pm) "Meditation/Journeying/Healing Classes" have been going on for 3 years, for those 16 and above, at 429 Harrison Street, Bonnie Masi’s home (Executive Director of Health Harmony Assistance). Evenings begin with an energy healing (balancing aura and chakras) and this technique is taught to all those interested in learning it. Trudy Roush (graduate of Open Ear Institute and Sound Healing) leads the music portion with chanting and toning followed by a meditative CD cut. Bonnie then guides a journey (always different) that can connect in with nature, elements, divine guides, animal spirits/totems for healing of self and others (present or distant) or to provide clarity and direction in life here on earth. Participants share their experiences and are all welcome to lead music or journeying portions. Learn the power of connecting in with group energy, sharing light and love, for the highest good of all!

Constellation Therapy is held once a month in Port Townsend – working out life issues (health, finances, relationships, dreams/goals) in a spiritually guided group interactive process. Developed by Dr. Bert Hellinger, a renowned German psychotherapist, the constellation results from the position surrogates are put in as they work out an issue for the individual concerned. The surrogates step into roles of any person or thing (money, disease, etc.) involved in the issue and allow divine guidance to direct it toward resolution and clarity. Constellations are an amazingly powerful, at times magical process for all involved! Bonnie Masi and Joseph Hadden facilitated Constellation Therapy in Encinitas, CA in July and are available to bring this to any area. Join us 12/14 in Port Townsend for Holiday Cheer (potluck)& Constellation gathering at Bonnie’s (429 Harrison St. Port Townsend, 360-385-5111), starting at 3:00 PM!

Board members, Joan Fabian and Joseph Hadden, are developing an "After School Movies" program (possible venue The Oracle) for ages 6-12 where both a movie and short Eagle’s Loft program would be during school year and on rainy days during the summer.

Joseph, Joan and Chad Masi are looking for volunteers to help put together the "New Moon Dinner" project. Food donated by local businesses would provide a creative, tasty meal free to the disadvantaged and available to the community at large (donations welcome!).Youth would participate in Creative Cooking Classes. HHA plans to invite both Boiler Room and Gray Wolf youth to join in this community project. We will start this as a once a month feast for the New Moon date. Besides volunteers to help produce the meal, we are looking for an approved kitchen venue site.


Bonnie provided a Tellington Touch demo at the Jefferson County Fair for the 4-H Cat group in August, continuing to support and educate those with a passion to connect with and help animals. The demo addressed issues with cows, dogs, iguanas and birds as well as the wonderful cats that were present. One very overwhelmed, frantic cat (first time ever around so many people, noise and cats) was very relaxed and able to calmly sit in its cage after a bit of TTouch work.

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Bonnie’s TTouch Tidbit for this newsletter is about earwork to reduce, prevent and resolve shock and stress. Similar to humans, animals’ ears hold the acupuncture points for the whole body. If you gently stroke (hold the ear between your thumb and index finger) from the base of the ear to the tip and cover all parts of the ear, you’ll start to calm an animal down. The very tip of the ear is considered the shock point so make sure to include this. There have been many incidents recorded of preventing death, while waiting for or transporting an animal to the veterinarian, by doing earwork. It also helps an animal recover more quickly from anesthesia following surgery. At the top of the ear where it attaches to the head are points for digestion, respiration and reproduction. By doing circles (move the skin in a clockwise circle and a quarter starting at 6:00, ending at 9:00) in this area you can calm breathing, sooth digestion problems (especially horses with colic) and assist healthy function of these systems. For those that don’t have ears (birds, iguanas), you can use your pinkie to do small circles around their ear hole to reduce shock and stress. Quite often, it’s not because of a head injury that a bird dies after flying into a window but due to shock and heart attack. Doing touches on the ear holes have resulted in the bird quickly recovering and flying away! When iguanas don’t feel well, they tend to look more pale and gray in color, often due to a lag in digestion. By working around the ear hole area, you can assist in promoting digestion and will start to see a change in color, becoming much more vibrant.

Bonnie’s Animal Connection story of this issue, called "EP and the Crow". EP is a 19 lb. black cat, companion to Bonnie’s brother, Chad. EP was due to be relocated to Chad’s new home (after living with Bonnie for 8 months). EP wasn’t excited about the car ride and managed to escape before the door closed… Bonnie grabbed a bag of EP’s favorite treats to go in search. Just then she heard a crow squawking at her. It flew next door and seemed to beckon in that direction. Sure enough, Bonnie followed the crow and back behind the neighbor’s car was EP! Bonnie lured him out with the treats and quickly deposited him securely in Chad’s car. The crow flew above for the whole process adding his verbal input. As Bonnie walked to her back door, she thanked the crow and, with two final squawks, away it flew. Watch for any animals that come across your path and invite them to share a journey with you! Please send in any of your animal connection stories for our next issue!!

Our collaborating non-profit organization this issue is with Second Chance Ranch. Sara Peterman, Director, explains: The Second Chance Ranch of Jefferson County is committed to providing safe harbor for unwanted domesticated animals, thereby decreasing the number of unnecessary euthanasias performed. We believe all creatures have inherent value, a right to life, and are entitled to have their basic needs met in a kind and caring manner. The Second Chance Ranch is dedicated to finding loving homes for all animals in our care eligible for adoption and to offering permanent sanctuary for the animals that cannot be adopted.

The Second Chance Ranch of Jefferson County is a new, non-profit / tax exempt organization. Even at these early stages we are taking in animals in need of a second chance. While awaiting permanent homes, these animals are placed in foster care with kind people wishing to provide temporary housing. Perspective owners are required to complete an adoption application process to help insure a good match is made for both pet and owner. While in the care of The Second Chance Ranch, animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, wormed, vet checked, treated for fleas with Advantage or Frontline and treated for any other health concerns we may find. Some animals that come to us need serious medical attention such as surgery, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and sometimes ongoing medical care is needed. New owners are informed of any special needs these animals may have and some may even be placed in permanent foster care if a good home is not found. Our future plans include securing a location for a permanent shelter and sanctuary for large and small animals alike. We are currently searching for a farm or acreage on which to build our new Second Chance Ranch shelter, so we can continue taking in needy animals. If you are interested in adopting or fostering an animal, making a donation or helping us in any way, please contact, Sara Peterman (360)732-6875, PO Box 2032 Pt. Townsend, WA 98368

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Second Chance Ranch is in need of the following: Pet supplies: cages, carriers, leashes, collars, dog runs/kennels, cat scratching posts, food bowls, litter boxes, etc...; premium pet foods: cat, dog, rabbit, etc... ; office supplies: paper (for printer/copier), file cabinet, pens/pencils, erasers, printer cartridges (hp ink jet: hp 51645a=45 black and color), etc...; carpet cleaner that works well for pet stains; FOSTER HOMES; land/acreage or a farm to build our shelter; homes for feral cats and other animals; gift certificates from the Cenex, Chimacum Valley Vet. Hosp., local pet stores; and of course cash donations. All donations are tax deductible.

Part of the Eagle’s Loft Retreat project is to provide care for foster dogs, cats and horses to promote adoptions and provide Tellington Touch to help with any physical or behavioral issues. Our animal program will enhance the connections between adults, children and animals, as well as, supporting local shelters and places like Second Chance Ranch with education on fostering and no-kill programs.

Health Harmony Assistance’s 501c3 non-profit status allows 100% tax-deductible donations – get your year end tax deductions now! For information on programs, Board meetings or volunteering contact Bonnie Masi: (360)385-5111, toll free (877)635-5111 or Check out for updates.


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