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Hathor energy is light, cheerful, full of vibration and sound (imagine a school yard full of young children playing). Hathors act as a higher level switchboard to connect you into any divine sources (i.e. Christ, Buddha, Archangels, Divine Mother, Quan Yin, etc.) that are necessary. Bonnie will lead you to your soul crystal (specific to only you), that is your connection to your soul path and origins (wherever/whatever that may be). Your soul crystal helps you to find divine support and be protected while doing it, as well as, traveling in it downward to connect with Mother Earth and grounding energies. 

Experience synthesis and integration for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing through the light, wisdom and playful energy of the Hathors (loving entities involved especially in use of sound, known in Egyptian time through goddess Hathor). Clear energy blocks (negative or dark forces) with Archangel Michael and find stability and grounding with Archangel Sandalphon.

This interactive healing process is facilitated by arcing higher energies with yours. This allows the possibility for you to see, feel, hear and/or express information also. Stones, crystals, color and light refractory enhance the experience along with your person angels, Divine Guides and higher masters.

SPONSOR 1-2 day seminars in your area to learn and experience the technique in depth and to share the combined group energy enhancement of working with others.  

Local sessions are always available in Port Townsend as well as by phone or email.

Long distance Healing sessions are available via phone or email at $85 per session.

Contact Bonnie: 360-385-5111

or email Bonnie with any questions -

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