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Constellation Therapy!

Heal and Clear Life Issues
health~ relationships~ finances

Come Share with us

Our Next Constellation Gathering

Saturday, February 22, 2020

429 Harrison Street 
Port Townsend
(360) 385-5111


  • health
  • relationships
  • finances

A group interactive process - facilitated by Bonnie Masi and Amy Priest. Learn how all of the above plus family issues, whether present time or ancestral, can be cleared with only one family member present or join in bringing peace and ease for all beings. Participate for all constellations or just stay part of time. Enjoy our potluck gathering and share holiday cheer.

Donation (no one is turned away) - $25 

Join us in this exciting and powerful process!   501(c)(3) non-profit
Join us in this exciting and powerful process and share holiday blessings!

RSVP: email or call Bonnie Masi (360)385-5111

Contact us for the monthly date in Port Townsend, WA
or to host a Constellation Therapy event in your area.


Also meet the Hathors (known from Egyptian times for their sound healing abilities) and experience their healing, loving energies as we start the class.

Dr. Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, originally developed Constellation Therapy. Bonnie Masi (from Port Townsend WA), and Gary Cranston, (from Everett, WA) have expanded on his technique to bring in a more spiritual approach. If you’ve ever experienced “peeling the onion layers” with regards to healing even physical issues on this level, imagine what can happen when those layers involve spirit, past lives, ancestors, other higher levels of existence, etc. 

Someone requesting a Constellation is asked to describe what they’d like to achieve in one concise sentence – if this can’t be done, then they aren’t quite ready to clear the issue. Once the sentence is put out to the group, the person then starts to pick surrogates. Bonnie, or Gary facilitate the Constellation and help with deciding what parts need to be played, as well as, how the interactions and process moves along. 

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Surrogates represent the person and others (people or things – illness, disease, money, blocks, divine guides, etc.) that are involved in the issue. The person then intuitively places the surrogates, one by one, in the room (forming a constellation). The surrogates take a moment to tune into their roles. The facilitator has set the energy and called in all the Divine Guides for protection, guidance and clarity for the highest good of all. The issue is worked out to a state of resolution. Sometimes, it is cleared and other times the info brought forth is so complicated or involved that it will require a separate future constellation to clear another part or layer. 

After the constellation is complete and energies cleared, a time frame is given, by the facilitator, when the constellation is not to be discussed by anyone (generally 2-7 weeks), in order to allow the shift to take place. Dreams and journeys can be recorded during that time but no discussions!

Constellations work on people that are not present, don’t believe and have no idea that anything has been done – especially good in old family dynamics or patterns we may carry from childhood. Suddenly, that relative will start acting differently (a shift has occurred!). 

Constellation requests by phone, with a written report or cassette tape once completed, are also successful.

read more, Constellation Therapy Explained (pdf format)

Contact us for the monthly date in Port Townsend, WA or to host a Constellation Therapy event in your area.

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