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Health Harmony Assistance: Announcing a call for new Board Members
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About Our Work

Health Harmony Vistas started as the home-based business site for Bonnie Masi and has expanded to include many aspects of healing both home and afar! Click on each of the various headings to find out more.

Bonnie provides physical therapy, massage, intuitive healing, Tellington Touch, and weekly Meditation/Journeying/Healing classes in her Port Townsend, WA home. She is the executive director of Health Harmony Assistance, a federally approved non-profit corporation, that provides health care, education and support (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) to people and/or animals.

Health Harmony Vistas offers many aspects of healing and awakening – with times as erratic and shifty as they are now, many of us are being called on to seek and use more spiritual paths. There’s a need for us to connect and expand the light energy. There are many paths and healing techniques - we are all different so have diverse journeys here on Earth.

What I feel is most important is not a specific technique, credential or certification but that you/we have been given the opportunity or experience to see what lights us up and where that leads. Most of all is finding the connection to each other, then holding and expanding the light. Knowing there is way more to it all than just what is going on here and now – fly above, drop below (Mother Earth) – but our intent now and what we do affects all levels.

Look for future creativity from those that are part of Health Harmony Vistas or Health Harmony Assistance: books from Ahni Light, Bonnie Masi or Trudy Roush, drumming circles and journeying by Rose Leihualani Perry and more. We all send you love, light and laughter – see the circle come around and send it on!

Bonnie Masi

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